Application Checklist

Use this checklist to be sure you have completed all the steps necessary to be considered for admission to McMurry University.

Application Review

Each application is evaluated based on the academic merits (both high school grade point average and entrance exam scores), extracurricular activities, and personal statement (if applicable). This holistic approach allows McMurry to evaluate students on an individual basis and look for each student’s strengths.

For All Applicants

At McMurry, we want to get to know our applicants better. That’s why we’ve partnered with ZeeMee, a free service that lets you easily add short videos and photos to your college application. Through ZeeMee, you can tell us more about your interests, accomplishments, and challenges you’ve overcome, both inside and outside the classroom. Just create your free profile at and paste your link into the McMurry application. Please note that submitting a ZeeMee profile is completely optional, but it’s also a fun way to set yourself apart and share your story with us. We’re excited to learn more about you!

Be sure to include your correct social security number.

Submit the $25 application fee online (cash or check also accepted).

For Freshman Students

  • Submit a current high school transcript (complete to 3 years) or GED scores (if you have been out of school for more than a year) to the Office of Admission. Another transcript with your final class rank posted will be needed upon graduation.
  • Get a transcript request form to give to your high school counselor.
  • Submit test scores from ACT/SAT to the Office of Admission (if under the age of 22).
  • When admitted, a deposit will be required before registering for classes. Please contact the Office of Admission to get the amount of the deposit.

Pay your deposit now online.

For Transfer Students

  • Submit an official and complete set of transcripts from each college or university you have attended to the Office of Admission.
  • If you have completed less than 24 transferable hours of course work, submit your high school transcript.
  • If you are under the age of 22, please provide your ACT/SAT scores.
  • When admitted, a deposit will be required before registering for classes. Please contact the Office of Admission to get the amount of the deposit.

For Transient Students

(students attending McMurry for only one semester, then returning to their previous institution)

  • Submit an official transcript or statement of good standing from the college or university at which you are a regular student to the Office of Admission.

For Concurrent Students

(students who attend HSU or ACU, or high school students taking McMurry classes)

  • Submit a letter of permission to enroll for college work to the Office of Admission by your high school principal or counselor or a letter of good standing from your current University Registrar's Office.
  • Submit a current (complete to 3 years) high school transcript to the Office of Admission. A final transcript with your class rank will be needed when you graduate from high school.
  • Schedule to take the ACT/SAT before or during the semester in which you plan to enroll and submit an official college report to the Office of Admission. (These test scores and your final high school transcript must be received for you to receive credit for the college courses in which you enroll.)

For Non-Degree Students

  • If you will be taking only one course at McMurry, request a non-degree Student Application for Admission from the Office of Admission.

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